Help Me God : Is This Your Prayer?

helpmegod-help me God I need you now
Dear Friend,

At "Help Me God" we realize that everyone at one time or another has experienced a time when they needed help. Many have been burdened and literally have fallen to their knees in pain and agony looking for answers. Sometimes, we call on friends, co-workers, or someone that we feel is qualified and trust-worthy to help give us direction.  However, sometimes the help we need is beyond human ability.  Then when all else fails we go to God (when He is the one we should go to first). When we come to God, we plead and try to bargain with Him to answer our prayers, only to become more frustrated than when we began. Why? Because we try to meet God on our terms and conditions. God is not a glorified bell-hop in Heaven handing out blessings, He is God! There is none like Him, and we can't force Him to do what we want. Some people say that: "We are all Gods children;" but this is not true. We all are God's creation, but only those who are born into His family have the right to call God their father. While looking in the "Help Me God" website you will find your answer.

Help Me God To Be Sure I'm Your Child:

Help me God shows you what it takes to become a child of God and how you can be sure. Well, let's go straight to the Bible, God's Word to find the answers.

We must receive Him and believe in His Name. If you noticed Jesus did not say that He was a way, but, THE WAY, the only way to get to the Father and that we must believe (trust completely) in Him to have Eternal Life. We can not work hard or long enough to purchase His gift of eternal life. We must receive it by faith as a free gift. If we work for it, it is no longer a free gift! And no longer available. Now, when you become a child of God you can ask: help me God. 

Help Me God Understand that I'm a Sinner:

Help me God shows in God's Word that all are sinners. Everyone born into this world has a sin nature. You cannot get into Heaven on your own because of your sin. Our sin separates us from God.
All of us have sinned. No one has ever been without sin, no one! Until we have our sin problem dealt with we have no right to call out to God: help me God!

Help Me God Realize the Penalty for Sin:

At "Help Me God" we see that there is a price to be paid for our sin. Death is a separation. When we die physically, our body is placed into the grave; but our spirit is separated from our dead body and goes back to God.
  If you try to pay for your own sin debt you will spend an eternity in Hell, separated from God. Church membership, Baptism, or even your good works are not sufficient to pay the price of your sin. Help me God, these words will only fall on deaf ears because of our sin. We at "Help Me God" have some good news! Jesus paid your sin debt in full when He died upon the cross.
God has already proved His love. He gave His all for you! Yes, its time to really pray, help me God.

Help Me God To Trust Your Word:

Jesus wants to forgive you of your sin and give you the free gift of eternal life in Heaven. If you believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for you, was buried, and arose again from the dead, then forgiveness is just a prayer away.

Help Me God to Believe and Receive Your Gift Of Eternal Life:

You must pray and receive God's gift of Eternal Life thru Jesus Christ by faith.

Please pray this simple prayer, from your heart, to God:

helpmegod-help me God as I prayDear Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner and I deserve your wrath for my sin. I believe you died, were buried and rose again to pay my sin debt.  Please forgive my sins and be my Saviour. I now accept your free gift of eternal life thru Jesus Christ and have become your child. Amen.
OK, how can I show my graditude to Jesus Christ for all He has done for me? Next Steps

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